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Monwoo Web Agency Config

Monwoo Web Agency Config (Wa-config) is a Web Agency production tool build from research and developments done by Miguel Monwoo from 2011 to 2022.

Available under :

Version 0.0.1 is part of Miguel Monwoo’s web agency certificate :

Wa-config is a Web Agency plugin ready to run parrallel programming with advanced debug and end to end testing tools.

It’s fully free for ‘AS IS’ personal or commercial usage since it’s licensed under Apache-2.0.
Licence requirements :

  • Derivative Works that you distribute must include a readable copy of the attribution notices (Usage of the plugin already have those notices, you have to upgrade it only in case of plugin source modifications)
  • You can patent your work until this Licence is respected. A patent forbiding usage of this already published plugin is forbiden.

It come with :

  • Skills and missions concepts ready to use as taxonomy and custom post type
  • Internaionalisation and WooCommerce integration
  • A securised REST API to deploy custom static HTML front head
  • A commonJS deploy script to easyliy deploy your static HTML frontend heads
  • A review system for all team members using this plugin
  • Codeception as end to end test tool
  • PhpDocumentor output as an up to date HTML documentation
  • Pdf.js for quick display of main documentation files
  • results of Miguel Monwoo R&D for parallel programmings and advanced integrations

Monwoo Web Agency Config (WA-Config) will help with Web Agency jobs like :

  • Posting past or current missions managable by skills.
  • Internationalising content and WooCommerce products (need Polylang plugin).
  • Billings with order prefix for WooCommerce.
  • Ensuring human and automatic plugable reviews.
  • Deploying custom static frontend like Angular/Svelte/Vue.js/JS/HTML/etc….
  • Launching custom authenticated End to End user tests
    under production server with existing user accounts (Codeception).
  • Backuping and optimizing the website
    (mandatory to ensure safe tests launch under production data).
  • Extending this plugin to improve those base features.
  • Runing same instance of this plugin in parallele.

🌖🌖 Copyright Monwoo 2022 🌖🌖

This plugin make your website ready to do advanced human and/or automatic tests reviews.

WARNING : always test your BACKUP strategie BEFORE LAUNCHING codeception tests.

Project page :

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