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MoonManager Monwoo

Time management tool by screenshots or checkpoints tracking.

Objective: keep as much free time as possible in results mode within a classical equivalent of 35 hours/week local job with various advantages.

For 35hrs/week with paid holidays (not counting social benefits and works council), this amounts to 5hrs per day every day of the year except one day and a few per week without holidays.

To maintain an equivalence to management jobs which include breaks, team building, travel activities and various works, these 5 hours correspond to a maximum limit.

The ideal of the MoonManager would be to help you reach the goal of 5 hours of services in 1 hour, leaving you 4 hours of free time on your day. All this paid thanks to the validated desired results of the day. When the days do not exceed 1 hour, the schedule is respected without negotiation of overtime.

MoonManager makes it possible to follow workloads in remote jobs and improves the final quality by continuous control of the follow-up of the justifiable times according to the chosen time points.

If the goal is reached in 3 hours, it will be an average day. The schedule will be respected but some negotiations will surely be expected.

If the objective is reached in more than 3 hours, it will be a critical day. The schedule may not be respected. Additional time or budget might be negotiated, accordingly to the budgets allowed to carry out the mission.

If the day exceeds 5 hours without substantial remuneration or adequate compensation, we must seriously question our participation in the project and start to initiate the process of contract cancelement to change mission or take a vacation.

Automatic tool that counts the duration of your days from the monitoring of your screenshots or photo or gît log or personalized time point:

MIT project:

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